We’re in the middle of a radical change to our work force. Californians have been asking honest, tough questions, because changes in the economy have left many people behind, or wondering if their kids will be able to do better than they have.


Truck drivers, retail clerks, and many others all see what we see—new technologies are coming that will take away their current livelihoods. I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and offer a new set of plans to make sure that this new economy brings everyone forward, and that we don't accept leaving anyone behind.

None of these issues will be easy. We’re going to have to educate our kids differently, empower and train workers for new opportunities, and stop doing things that we know don’t work. This is no time to fall back on wedge issues and poll-tested ideas that will bring out one group or another. It’s a time to solve new problems—taking risks, working across groups, challenging assumptions, testing out ideas, and letting others take the credit. We can’t count on politics as usual to help working families navigate the new economy, protect our shores from climate change, safeguard our homes from cyber-crime, to give communities the tools to fight the epidemic of addiction and depression, or to heal political divisions.

Every time we’ve been at a point like this, Californians have forged a way forward. That is our State's ethic. Californians settled here because, as a people, we've never been afraid to reach the furthest frontier. We pioneered public higher education, we pioneered space travel and satellites, we developed the world wide web, and the music and films and vision that have inspired and shaped the world. Californians won't settle for less in facing today’s challenges. It's time to do some good things together.


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    Congressman Ted Lieu Endorses Jeff Bleich for California Lt. Governor


    February 19, 2017

    Contact: Max Wertheimer, (415) 302-1584, max@jeffbleich.com  


    Oakland, CA – Today, Congressman Ted Lieu announced his endorsement of Jeff Bleich for Lt. Governor of California. Rep. Lieu is a United States Air Force veteran and a strong advocate for our men and women in uniform. He is also one of only four computer science majors serving in Congress, and has been a leading voice in calling for more focus on cybersecurity issues. Rep. Lieu has also authored legislation to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” programs, reform our criminal justice system, and combat climate change.

    “I’m endorsing Jeff for Lt. Governor because he’s demonstrated that he has both the courage and the skill to take on the tough problems affecting Californians across the state,” said Congressman Lieu. “Our new economy has brought new vulnerabilities.  From addressing cybersecurity concerns, to modernizing our state’s education system for a new, 21st century workforce, to addressing the anxiety so many Californians are experiencing, Jeff is prepared to take on the big issues that Californians face.  I’m also proud to support a candidate with a long track record of standing up for those who haven’t had a voice, including minorities and immigrants. In today’s political climate, we need someone like Jeff Bleich leading California.”

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    Jeff Bleich's Keynote Address to Santa Clara Democratic Party on "How Dems Will Lead"

    On Sunday, February 11th, Jeff spoke to the Santa Clara County Democratic Party at a "How Dems Will Lead" Program.

    In Jeff's remarks, he said Democrats in California need to expand the issues that we address to reflect the real struggles and threats in this new economy, rather than focusing only on issues that distinguish us from Republicans. 

    Full remarks below:

    Thanks to Santa Clara County Democratic Party for hosting this, and for inviting me. I'm not going to give a stump speech. This meeting asks a serious question and I want to give you a serious answer. How do Democrats lead? We Are Not Leading First, we have to confront that we aren't currently leading. By any measure, Democrats should be the dominant party in the U.S. There are more Democrats than Republicans in the U.S. And the public supports Democrats on the issues. Polls show the public agrees with Democrats' positions on the vast majority of key platform issues, like equal pay for women, sensible gun control laws, a woman's right to choose, an LGBTQ couples' right to marry, minimum wages. You name it.

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