We’re in the middle of a radical change to our work force. Californians have been asking honest, tough questions, because changes in the economy have left many people behind, or wondering if their kids will be able to do better than they have.


Truck drivers, retail clerks, and many others all see what we see—new technologies are coming that will take away their current livelihoods. I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and offer a new set of plans to make sure that this new economy brings everyone forward, and that we don't accept leaving anyone behind.

None of these issues will be easy. We’re going to have to educate our kids differently, empower and train workers for new opportunities, and stop doing things that we know don’t work. This is no time to fall back on wedge issues and poll-tested ideas that will bring out one group or another. It’s a time to solve new problems—taking risks, working across groups, challenging assumptions, testing out ideas, and letting others take the credit. We can’t count on politics as usual to help working families navigate the new economy, protect our shores from climate change, safeguard our homes from cyber-crime, to give communities the tools to fight the epidemic of addiction and depression, or to heal political divisions.

Every time we’ve been at a point like this, Californians have forged a way forward. That is our State's ethic. Californians settled here because, as a people, we've never been afraid to reach the furthest frontier. We pioneered public higher education, we pioneered space travel and satellites, we developed the world wide web, and the music and films and vision that have inspired and shaped the world. Californians won't settle for less in facing today’s challenges. It's time to do some good things together.


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    San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Jeff Bleich


    April 9, 2018

    Contact: Max Wertheimer, (415) 302-1584, max@jeffbleich.com  


    Oakland, CA – In the first major newspaper endorsement in the Lt. Governor’s race, the San Francisco Chronicle has endorsed Jeff Bleich. The Chronicle concluded that Jeff’s “demeanor and depth of experiences make him a strong candidate for lieutenant governor, a position that requires patience, policy acumen and a commitment to collaboration.”

    The Chronicle went on to note that, Bleich knows commissions. He is a former chair of the CSU trustees and president of the California State Bar, to list just two he’s led. He served as special counsel to President Barack Obama before being appointed U.S. ambassador to Australia. This is his first run for elective office, but he knows his way around politics and public policy.”

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    Sierra Club Endorses Jeff Bleich


    Contact: Max Wertheimer, (415) 302-1584, max@jeffbleich.com  


    Oakland, CA – Today, Sierra Club California, one of the oldest and largest environmental organizations in the country, endorsed Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor of California. Jeff is a long-time passionate environmentalist and a demonstrated leader. He has the skills, experience, and vision to move California forward, and to use the Lt. Governor’s positions on the Coastal Commission, Oceans Council, and Land Commission to stand up to Donald Trump’s continued assault on California’s precious natural resources.

    "Jeff Bleich innately understands why Californians care so much about our environment,” said Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California. “He gets why advancing equity and environmental justice are essential to protect public health and the planet. He has experience as a lawyer and a public servant that prepare him for the duties of Lieutenant Governor, including those important duties that influence how the state addresses state lands, coastal waters and natural resources. Hands down, he’s the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018 and we’re proud to give him Sierra Club’s endorsement.”

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