“Together we can bend the arc of the moral universe, as Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. taught us, slightly more towards justice. Everyday. But only if we pull together.” 

Jeff’s campaign for Lt. Governor is generating an honest conversation about the challenges that people know exist but politicians have been slow to recognize. Californians are smart and innovative, and if given the facts and the opportunity, we can create solutions—together.

When California invested in infrastructure, in a world-class education system, environmental solutions, and high technology in the 1960s, it pioneered an economy that led the nation and improved the lives of all Californians. This required acknowledging the challenge and then drawing upon the best of Californians to address those. We know that D.C. is not going to tackle these problems while Donald Trump is in power, and we know that no other state will take the lead if California does not. 

Movements in California are authentic and organic. We don’t have to wait for some official campaign email or phone call to get started. It just takes one person to be the first to stand up, so that others can join as well.

Taking action can be as simple as talking to a friend or hosting an event with your neighbors. Whatever talents you have to reach others, on-line or in-person, you can use to create change. Be creative and unique. Bring your set of experience, skills and style to the table.