Bleich Campaign for Lt. Governor Releases "Rock Star" TV Ad


May 7, 2018


Narrated by Peter Coyote, new 30-second ad touts Jeff Bleich’s extensive track record standing up for immigrants, minorities, LGBT communities and victims of domestic violence; work with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden

Oakland, CA – Jeff Bleich’s campaign for California Lt. Governor has released its first 30-second TV spot, highlighting Jeff’s “solid gold” progressive record, which starts running in the San Francisco Bay Area today, and in other cities throughout California in the weeks leading up to the June 5th primary.

The ad focuses on the social justice battles Jeff has taken on throughout his career, including stopping Pete Wilson’s Prop 187 in court, championing LGBT rights in the legal fight to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and leading President Bill Clinton’s Youth Violence Commission in the wake of Columbine.

Narrated by actor and political activist, Peter Coyote, the new “Rock Star” ad also points to Jeff’s work standing up for homeless people, partnering with Joe Biden to reduce domestic violence, and serving as President Obama’s Special Counsel and Ambassador to Australia.

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Last week the Sacramento Bee endorsed Bleich for Lt. Governor, calling him a “heavyweight” in the race for the second highest-ranking office in California. The Bee noted Bleich’s “strong ideas” and “thoughtful leadership style,” concluding he “would serve with intelligence and depth.”

Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Jeff, concluding that his “demeanor and depth of experiences make him a strong candidate for lieutenant governor…[who] knows his way around politics and public policy.”

Bleich was also recently endorsed by the Sierra Club, who said Jeff is “hands down, the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor.”

Jeff has also been endorsed by Congressmembers Jackie Speier, Adam Schiff, Ro Khanna and Ted Lieu, along with many California State Legislators, Mayors, Supervisors, and Councilmembers.

Jeff has been a tireless advocate for Californians who have been discriminated against, communities that have been wronged, and families fighting to break into the middle class. He served as Chair of the California State University Board of Trustees as well as the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and other non-profit groups. He currently heads the Fulbright Scholarship Board, which creates scholarship opportunities for students.

Jeff most recently served our nation as a top aide to President Obama, first as Special Counsel to the President in the White House, and then as the U.S. Ambassador to Australia. He continues serving Californians as a public policy and cybersecurity attorney at Dentons, and he is helping to grow our economy and create jobs throughout the state as an adviser to Governor Jerry Brown, and a nationally recognized advocate for education.

Jeff and his wife, Becky continue to work and live in the East Bay after raising their three adult children, Jake, Matt, and Abby.

"Rock Star" Script and Backup




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Democrat Jeff Bleich.


After Columbine, Bleich led President Clinton’s youth violence initiative.

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But his progressive RECORD…is solid gold!   





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