"His commitment to ending gun violence is inspiring"

"I’ve known Jeff since he and I served together on the board of PAX, an anti-gun violence organization devoted solely to preventing gun violence among children. His commitment to ending gun violence is inspiring. He helped close the gun show loophole in Alameda County -- an epic achievement -- and helped form some of the most effective groups combatting gun violence in the nation. I would support him just for that. But his humanity, compassion and devotion to progressive cause -- making higher education more accessible and affordable, defending voting rights and fairness, and promoting mental health treatment, just to name a few— seal the deal. As someone who spent her entire childhood in California, and who feels a deep affinity for the state, I encourage you to support Jeff. He is a candidate for all Californians and for a more balanced, healthier and saner future."

- Rosanne Cash, Gun Control Advocate & Musician

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