Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Endorses Jeff Bleich

"Jeff Bleich has proven through words and actions to be a champion of the gun violence prevention movement, and we’re proud to endorse his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Jeff will be a great ally as we work with him to bring about a safer California."

- Peggy McCrum, President of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (Press Release)


Mercury News and East Bay Times Endorses Jeff Bleich

"Here’s a novel approach in California politics: The state has a highly qualified candidate running for lieutenant governor who actually wants the job for what it is, rather than as a stepping stone for governor or another political office.

"Piedmont Democrat Jeff Bleich also has the experience to make good on his ideas to improve the state’s higher education system and the environment. Voters should support him in the June 5 election."

-Mercury News and East Bay Times (Bleich has passion to be excellent lieutenant governor)


San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Jeff Bleich


"Unlike many politicians, Bleich does not revert to talking points at every opportunity. He listens closely to questions and responds with substance and original thought. In other words, his demeanor and depth of experiences make him a strong candidate for lieutenant governor, a position that requires patience, policy acumen and a commitment to collaboration. And here’s another rare and appealing attribute for a lieutenant governor: He makes a persuasive case that he wants this job and only this job in elective office — rather than a stepping stone to higher office or a way station for a career politician."

-San Francisco Chronicle (Jeff Bleich for California Lieutenant Governor)


"Hands down, he’s the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018"

"Jeff Bleich innately understands why Californians care so much about our environment. He gets why advancing equity and environmental justice are essential to protect public health and the planet. He has experience as a lawyer and a public servant that prepare him for the duties of Lieutenant Governor, including those important duties that influence how the state addresses state lands, coastal waters and natural resources. Hands down, he’s the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018 and we’re proud to give him Sierra Club’s endorsement.”

- Sierra Club


"I've found a candidate with terrific backbone who will stand up for our values"

"Jeff doesn't just walk the walk, he talks the talk. Jeff has been on the frontline of every major progressive battle. He took on and beat the NRA at the California Supreme Court to close the gun show loophole. After the Pulse Nightclub shootings, he and other attorneys gave millions of dollars in free legal services to go after the NRA. Jeff fought Ted Cruz on 3 Strikes law in the Supreme Court. Jeff is a solid, thoughtful person, tough as hell, and willing to stand up for the things that need to be done in this Democratic Party. We need change in this country and we need change in this party."

- Governor Howard Dean, Former DNC Chair


"We need someone like Jeff Bleich leading California.”

“I’m endorsing Jeff for Lt. Governor because he’s demonstrated that he has both the courage and the skill to take on the tough problems affecting Californians across the state. Our new economy has brought new vulnerabilities. From addressing cybersecurity concerns, to modernizing our state’s education system for a new, 21st century workforce, to addressing the anxiety so many Californians are experiencing, Jeff is prepared to take on the big issues that Californians face. I’m also proud to support a candidate with a long track record of standing up for those who haven’t had a voice, including minorities and immigrants. In today’s political climate, we need someone like Jeff Bleichleading California.”

- Congressman Ted Lieu


"His commitment to ending gun violence is inspiring"

"I’ve known Jeff since he and I served together on the board of PAX, an anti-gun violence organization devoted solely to preventing gun violence among children. His commitment to ending gun violence is inspiring. He helped close the gun show loophole in Alameda County -- an epic achievement -- and helped form some of the most effective groups combatting gun violence in the nation. I would support him just for that. But his humanity, compassion and devotion to progressive cause -- making higher education more accessible and affordable, defending voting rights and fairness, and promoting mental health treatment, just to name a few— seal the deal. As someone who spent her entire childhood in California, and who feels a deep affinity for the state, I encourage you to support Jeff. He is a candidate for all Californians and for a more balanced, healthier and saner future."

- Rosanne Cash, Gun Control Advocate & Musician


"Jeff has a long track record of standing up for women and doing what’s right to make our workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods safer."


“Jeff has been a true leader on improving California education as Chair of the Cal State University Board, Chair of the Fulbright Board, and someone who has taught in our high schools and universities. He also has a long track record of standing up for women and doing what’s right to make our workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods safer. Jeff has helped lead national programs to stop domestic violence and youth gun violence. As Lt. Governor, Jeff will keep California pressing forward.”

– Congresswoman Jackie Speier


"Jeff is immensely well qualified to be our next Lt. Governor."

“Californians are facing a rapidly changing job market that demands new skills and a rising economy that is still leaving many people behind. Jeff has the experience and leadership within higher education and economic development to help empower Californians to solve some of the most pressing problems that are holding people back from reaching the middle class. He’s immensely well qualified to be our next Lt. Governor and I’m confident he will make all Californians proud.”

– Adam Schiff, Congressmember


"Jeff knows how to solve the tough problems facing workers in today’s economy."

“Jeff is an extraordinary public servant with the commitment to diversity that Californians value and the track record of helping our businesses grow and mentoring young people to lead, innovate, and work toward solving the tough problems facing workers in today’s economy. I’m excited to endorse Jeff and help him become our next Lt. Governor.” 

– Ro Khanna, Congressmember