A Message from Becky Bleich on Jeff's Birthday!

It's Jeff’s birthday!

When we first started dating, Jeff was usually studying for exams on his birthday. So the best celebration for him was a night off, enjoying chocolate cake with peanut-butter ice cream, and of course something with Elvis on it.

Over the years, I kept waiting for Jeff’s tastes and expectations to change. But Jeff would rather give than receive, and he’s still perfectly happy with the chocolate-peanut butter combination, and a glass of bourbon on the side now.

This year, I'd like to give him a night off from fundraising so he can enjoy his favorites.

I know Jeff, and he appreciates any support you can give, no matter the amount.

He’ll be especially grateful that your donation won’t be just for him, but will help Jeff share his vision for the future of California throughout the State!

If you can take care of that part, I’ll take care of the chocolate cake, peanut-butter ice cream, and Elvis.

I think Jeff's campaign team has already worked out the bourbon!

Thanks so much for your support!

- Becky

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