Thank You

I'm so grateful for your support, and for the tremendous opportunity that you have given me this past year to seek elective office.

Although last night's result was not what we had hoped for, I have no regrets.

We ran the campaign that we promised you -- independent, substantive, and honest. We managed to earn hundreds of thousands of votes statewide without taking money from special interests, corporations, lobbyists, or a SuperPAC. And we stayed true to our commitment to raise the quality and focus of the debate.

I hope that you take pride in the campaign we ran, the ideas we put forward, and our ability to stay principled and earn the support of so many people who studied the race.

Working with each of you, and our extraordinarily dedicated team was one of the greatest gifts of this campaign. I feel more fortunate than ever to belong to this circle of friends. That mutual respect and friendship will always mean more than any poll.

Finally, I appreciate the thoughtful and tender notes that so many people sent today. My spirits are high. So don't worry that I'm sitting in some dark room listening to sad music. I spent the morning with Equal Rights Advocates, at their annual lunch planning the next crusade.

Soon, we'll find new ways to do good things in the world together.

Thank you always for helping me run a race that we can all be proud of.

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