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Oakland, CA – Today, Sierra Club California, one of the oldest and largest environmental organizations in the country, endorsed Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor of California. Jeff is a long-time passionate environmentalist and a demonstrated leader. He has the skills, experience, and vision to move California forward, and to use the Lt. Governor’s positions on the Coastal Commission, Oceans Council, and Land Commission to stand up to Donald Trump’s continued assault on California’s precious natural resources.

"Jeff Bleich innately understands why Californians care so much about our environment,” said Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California. “He gets why advancing equity and environmental justice are essential to protect public health and the planet. He has experience as a lawyer and a public servant that prepare him for the duties of Lieutenant Governor, including those important duties that influence how the state addresses state lands, coastal waters and natural resources. Hands down, he’s the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018 and we’re proud to give him Sierra Club’s endorsement.”

A lifelong Democrat, a highly respected attorney, educator, diplomat, and a former senior counsel for President Obama, Jeff has been a staunch advocate for the environment for over thirty years. As a student, Jeff studied environmental policy, worked for the Conservation Law Foundation to protect national seashores, and served as the editor of the Ecology Law Quarterly at UC Berkeley School of Law. As an attorney, Jeff advocated for environmental justice as Chair of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, and advised Save the Bay pro bono in a series of actions to prevent Cargill Salt from polluting San Francisco Bay. As U.S Ambassador to Australia he was a fierce advocate for sustainable energy and ocean protection.

“I am honored and humbled to have Sierra Club’s endorsement, especially at a time when our state’s oceans and coastlines are under attack by the federal government,” said Bleich. “As the White House continues to push for oil drilling off of California’s coastline, I vow that as Lt. Governor, I will use the full authority of our state’s environmental councils and commissions to ensure that Donald Trump does not get one drop of oil from California. Our state’s natural beauty and resources are the gifts one generation gives to the next. As Lt. Governor, I promise to protect those precious gifts for our children.”

Jeff has also been endorsed by Congressmembers Jackie Speier, Adam Schiff, Ro Khanna and Ted Lieu, along with many California State Legislators, Mayors, Supervisors, and Councilmembers. Jeff has nearly three decades of experience uniting people to resolve complex issues, has led some of the nation’s largest educational and legal advocacy institutions, and served the U.S. and California at the highest levels.

Jeff has been a tireless advocate for Californians who have been discriminated against, communities that have been wronged, and families fighting to break into the middle class. He served as Chair of the California State University Board of Trustees as well as the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and other non-profit groups. He currently heads the Fulbright Scholarship Board, which creates scholarship opportunities for students.

After graduating in the top of his class at UC Berkeley Law School in 1989 and clerking for the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Jeff helped build Munger, Tolles, and Olson, LLP—one the most successful and revered law firms in California. He was elected by his peers to serve as president of both the San Francisco Bar and the California Bar Association, and has consistently been ranked as one the state’s top lawyers. Jeff has also received numerous awards and recognition for his civil rights and pro bono legal work on behalf of children, victims of violence, and California’s most vulnerable communities.

Jeff most recently served our nation as a top aide to President Obama, first as Special Counsel to the President in the White House, and then as the U.S. Ambassador to Australia. He continues serving Californians as a public policy and cybersecurity attorney at Dentons, and he is helping to grow our economy and create jobs throughout the state as an adviser to Governor Jerry Brown, and a nationally recognized advocate for education.

Jeff and his wife, Becky continue to work and live in the East Bay after raising their three children, Jake, Matt, and Abby.

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