“In California, we don’t run from problems. We craft solutions and forge ahead.”

Jeff believes elected officials should be honest about the challenges we are facing and that we should be tackling those issues head-on instead of kicking the can down the road or getting distracted from the people’s business by partisan bickering. The challenges are real.


Jobs Being Lost to Automation
New technologies are poised to take away whole segments of our jobs. Self-driving cars will eliminate thousands of driving jobs, and retail jobs are already disappearing because of warehouse fulfillment centers. Other new technologies will continue to dramatically reshape employment and commerce in every sector. This can be done, but not without planning.

Longer Lives and Shorter Careers Mean We All Need to be Prepared for Multiple Career Changes
Improvements in healthcare will lengthen our lives but other technology will likely shorten most careers. While innovation can bring new opportunities, it also shortens the amount of time our skill level is adequate to do a job. We need to update our education system so that it does not end in 12th grade, but provides continued education and training for workers over their lifetime.


Educating Our Next Generation Differently for Jobs of a Different Future
Even today, receiving a 12th grade education does not ensure that a worker's income will increase over their lifetime. In fact, it has been just the opposite. The rapid pace of technology will only make that problem worse. Just as California pioneered a master plan for education in the 1950s, technological advancements demand a new plan for our education system to meet the needs of every California student.

Understanding and Treating Mental Health Issues 
We have nine times as many people with mental health problems in our prison system as we have in our mental health facilities. We need to stop paying a fortune into this failed approach, while we see those suffering from brain health issues go untreated, stigmatized, and ignored. California needs to make sure that our government fulfills the promise of Proposition 63 in 2004 and begins treating brain health early rather than punishing it later.


Rising Epidemic of Opioid Addiction
There are many culprits in the rise of opioid addiction. But we can start with diverting funds from a failed and expensive system of locking up addicts and focus on providing effective treatment programs.

Impact of Climate Change on Jobs, Communities, and Our Landscape
California leads the nation in efforts to promote more sustainable energy sources, take carbon out of the air, and preserve open space. But we need to prepare for the changes to our environment even as we continue to fight back against the Trump administration’s attempts to undo our progress.


Addressing Danger Online
We live as much in the virtual world today as we do in the physical world. But increasingly, the online world has become the more dangerous place. Property crime is shifting toward identity theft and financial ransoms, but the States have not developed a plan for effectively detecting, reporting, investigating, and punishing cyber crimes. California has more people enforcing parking meters than policing cyber crimes. There are real solutions involving partnerships with the federal government and the private sector that could make Californians safer online, and train the next generation of law enforcement to be cyber-ready.


As Lt. Governor, Jeff will serve on some of the state’s most important educational, economic, and environmental committees to get us started on solving these tough problems, and protect hard-working Californians and California businesses.