Throughout his career Jeff has stood up against injustice and fought for those who have been wronged. Below are just some of the stories from those he has helped empower:


Jeff was honored to be the diplomat trusted by President Obama to enact his strategic vision for ramping up U.S. national security and economic opportunities in the Pacific Rim, later receiving the highest honor from Secretary of State, Clinton.


When President Clinton established a White House Commission on Youth Violence following the tragic shootings at Columbine, he asked Jeff Bleich to lead the effort.


Nadir Vissanjy was one of the first young people to attend college thanks to the California DREAM act.  He was the first undocumented President of the California State University Student Association when he met Jeff Bleich, who would become a mentor. Now he’s paying it forward as a business executive contributing to our economy and continuing to help his fellow CSU students to make college more accessible and affordable.


As Solicitor General of Texas, Ted Cruz cruelly fought to keep a man in prison, even after it was clear the state had made a mistake. Jeff Bleich took him on in the US Supreme Court in a fight for justice.


Justice for Hong Yen Chang:

Hong Yen Chang was denied a license to practice law in California just because he was Chinese. Jeff Bleich believed this injustice needed to be corrected. He joined the cause and helped win justice for Hong Yen Chang.


仅仅因为张康仁是中国人,他被拒绝授予在加州执业的执照。Jeff Bleich认为不正义需要被纠正。他加入了本案件的团队并帮助张康仁重获正义。


Jeff stands with the LGBTQ community, in the face of Trump's recent assault, just as he always has. He had the privilege to represent Navy Lieutenant Commander Paul Thomasson in his fight against "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell." 


Clerking for Judge Mikva, Jeff Bleich first encountered Harvard Law superstar "Barack," and they became friends. Years later, President Obama awarded Judge Mikva the Medal of Freedom, and asked Jeff to serve in the White House.


Joe Biden, Willie Mays and Jeff Bleich teamed up to fight domestic violence. This is how they created one of the most effective prevention programs.


When Pete Wilson tried to deny hospital care, schools and safety to children of undocumented Californians, many people stood up for justice. Jeff Bleich helped fight the unjust law.


Endorsement Testimonials


Congressman Adam Schiff Endorses Jeff Bleich


Congressman Ro Khanna Endorses Jeff Bleich


Sergio Garcia (first undocumented citizen to receive a license to practice law in the U.S.) Endorses Jeff Bleich


State Senator Henry Stern endorses Jeff Bleich


Assemblyman Marc Berman endorses Jeff Bleich

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